Duration of Visits
Basic pet sitting visits will be for approximately 30 minutes, depending on your pet’s needs.  This will include one walk per
day for a dog, weather permitting.

Number of Daily Visits
Client will request the number of visits per day and Talk to the Animals will honor that request but please note: indoor-
only dogs must be seen at least two times per day and in the case of puppies, indoor-only geriatric dogs or crated dogs,
a minimum of three visits per day are required.

Payment is expected at the start of pet sitting services. Daily lunch time visits may be paid on a weekly basis at the end of
the week.

Time of Visits
Talk to the Animals will honor your requested visit time(s) as closely as possible, but reserves the right to arrange each
day’s schedule according to specific pet care needs. This pet sitting service is very mindful of indoor-only dog needs for
regular outside (potty) time.

Security of Premises / Access to Home By Others
Talk to the Animals accepts no responsibility for security of the premises, any damages, loss, or injuries to your home or
pet(s) if incurred directly or indirectly by the actions or negligence of other individuals who may have access to the home
during the term of this agreement. Client must notify Talk to the Animals if others (friends, family members, service
technicians, etc.) will have access to the home during an absence by the owner. Pet care will be performed only by Talk
to the Animals during all assignments unless prearranged with Client.

Shared Pet Care Responsibility
If Talk to the Animals agrees to “job share” the pet care requirements, it is understood that Talk to the Animals cannot be
held liable for any services that are not completed to your satisfaction. A great deal of confusion and misinformation can
occur when sharing the care of your pet, and your pet (or home) may suffer the consequences. Some situations to
consider are over feeding or missed meals, over medication or missed medications, unlocked doors, missed visits that
result in you pet being left inside or outside too long.

Property Damage
It is the pet owner’s sole responsibility to “pet proof” any areas of the home and/or property to which the pet has access.
This includes thoroughly inspecting fences, gates, latches, doors and other devices meant to contain the pet or restrict
access to specific areas. This pet sitter does not assume responsibility and has no liability for any injuries the pet may
sustain or property damage the pet may cause while in its own home/ property. It is expressly understood that Talk to the
Animals shall not be held responsible for any damage to the Client’s property, or that of others, caused by Client’s pets
during the period in which they are in its care. Client has advised Talk to the Animals of all situations, which will relieve it
of liability for damage.

Claims / Liability
Talk to the Animals agrees to provide services in a professional, reliable, trustworthy and caring manner. In consideration
of these services, the Client expressly waives and relinquishes any and all claims against Talk to the Animals, its
employees or assigns, except those arising from proven negligence of the pet sitter.

Medical Expense / Damages / Aggressive Pets
Client will be responsible for all medical expenses and damages resulting from an injury to the pet sitter or other persons
by the pet. Client agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless Talk to the Animals in the event of a claim by any
person injured by the pet. Client also agrees that it is their responsibility to notify Talk to the Animals of any pet that has
ever caused an injury to any human. If a pet has a history of biting or other aggressive behavior, Talk to the Animals
reserves the right to refuse service. Bites must be reported to the local authorities as provided by law. The Client will be
liable for the caregiver’s medical care expenses and damages that result from an animal bite.

“I’m Home” Calls
Please remember to call when you have returned home safely.  This is to assure your pets are cared for. You may call at
ANY hour and leave a voice mail message that you have returned. Additonal trips will be charged to the client.

Reimbursement for Unexpected Fees
It is expected that pet owner will provide more than adequate amounts of food, litter, treats, medication and other items
needed for complete care of their pets. If the pet sitter must replenish supplies during the contracted period of time, a
$10.00 Charge will apply in addition to reimbursement for said supplies. Client agrees to reimburse Talk to the Animals
for any additional fees for providing emergency care, as well as any expenses incurred for unexpected visits,
transportation, housing, food or supplies.

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